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Diverse Impressionen vom Konzert in Ostermiething (A) am 20. Februar 2016 (3-er Formation)

Diverse Impression vom Konzert am Jam vom 13 Februar 2016 in der B&B Bar in Effretikon (3-er Formation)

Vom Jam vom 10. Mai 2014 in der B&B Bar in Effretikon (7-er Formation)
Vicksburg Stomp (Mississippi Mud Steppers)
Persian Rug (Gus Kahn)

Vom Jam vom 9. März 2013 in der B&B Bar in Effretikon (6-er Formation):
Dallas Rag (Mississippi Sheiks)
Sweet Mama (Coley Jones)
Nobody knows you when your’e down and out (Jimmy Cox)
Just as well let her go (Casey Bill Weldon)
Billy The Kid (Trad.)
Rainer’s Rag (Frank Ziegler, Irene Capello)
St. James Infirmary (Trad)
Stealin Stealin (Memphis Jug Band)
Vicksburg Stomp (Mississippi Mud Steppers)
Bootleggers Blues (Mississippi Sheiks)

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